Heavy traffic near Seattle
  • New 4 lane highway to join SR162 by a roundabout
  • Adds 1000 cars per peak hour
  • 30,000 more vehicles per day
  • Currently at peak capacity
  • Commute hours to extend
  • #4 in State for collisions 
  • WSDOT Roundabouts?
  • WSDOT has no funding SR162 improvements
  • How YOU can help
Sunset casting colors onto Mt Rainier with rural farm in foreground
  • Threat to valley rural character
  • New highway light pollution
  • Roundabouts are paved circles
  • Farmland threatened by more traffic
  • Traffic noise pollution
  • Gridlocked traffic does not feel rural
  • Is Community Plan being ignored?
  • Alderton/McMillin Community Plan
School bus accident with bus in the ditch along SR162
  • Emergency services restricted
  • Highway access & egress
  • Roundabout dangers
  • Accident Increases
  • School childrens dangers
  • Threat to farming
  • Evacuation issues
  • How YOU can help
Intersection of SR162 and 410
  • Traffic flow solutions
  • Access and Egress solutions
  • Emergency shoulder solutions
  • School children's safety solutions
  • SR410/SR162 interchange solutions
  • Valley lahar evacuation solution
Snow covered trees and historic building along SR162
  • Major trucking corridor
  • Business access & egress
  • Farm to Market Corridor
  • Seasonal business restriction
  • Congestion impacts sales
  • How YOU can help
View of Mt. Rainier up Tehaleh Highway
  • Easy Letter Writing Campaign
  • Email your concerns/support
  • Call your legislators office
  • Spread the word
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  • Follow Orting Blog
  • How you can help!