• Need for a new parallel north/south corridor to lighten the load on SR162

  • Currently SR162 is carrying traffic avoiding the slowdowns of SR161 (Meridian)

  • Plateau and areas south of Puyallup are adding volumes to SR162

  • Reduction of this traffic can help offset addition of Tehaleh traffic

  • SR161 (Meridian) does not allow for through-put traffic flow (businesses)

  • Commuters seaking other routes




  • 122nd Ave E has become a SR161 (Meridian) bypass

  • This corridor should be upgraded with two-way turn lanes and full shoulders

  • Existing right of ways should support these improvements

  • Corridor shares similar concerns for roundabouts as SR162 but primarily residential concerns

  • Corridor is not zoned for business and results in smother flow of traffic

  • Managed signals should be used (instead of roundabouts)

  • Corridor would be linked to SR410/SR167 via Shaw Road to new Sumner/410 interchange

  • Corridor could also be extended south to 200th St E so support new developments

  • Development of this corridor is the fastest and least expensive option available




  • Existing Military Road corridor from SR162 traffic will more than double
  • Transferring Tehaleh traffic to the existing Military Road corridor from SR162 would overwhelm its capacity

  • This would cause not only traffic gridlock in this corridor, but also residential gridlock (leaving people unable to access their homes)

  • It is not possible geologically to add additional lanes to this portion of Military Road

  • The new roadway would intersect with SR162 at 128th St E (Tehaleh highway intersection)

  • This additional two-lane roadway would connect to 144 St E on South Hill providing Tehaleh traffic access to 122nd Ave E, Meridian (SR161), and 94th Ave E

  • This would remove that additional Tehaleh traffic from the Military Road corridor



Sharing the SR162 Traffic Load