Orting Public Safety Committee Meeting with WSDOT

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In March, the SR162 Community Group presented their concerns to both the Orting City Council and by invitation to the Orting Public Safety Committee, about the WSDOT proposal to install a multi lane roundabout at the intersection of SR162 and 128th St. E. (McMillin).  This proposed change is to accomodate a four lane highway from the Tehaleh development that would intersect with SR162.


The Public Safety Committee invited the WSDOT to present their proposal to the committee on April 5, 2019.  Our community group was also invited to this public meeting.  The WSDOT made a good presentation, but did not address any of the issues that our group has been concerned about.


They were challenged on a number of our issues but did not provide direct answers to most questions, referring to the traffic model as having considered those items.  They also admitted they did not know about most of the issues concerning traffic composition, origination, and destination statistics.  If the WSDOT cannot answer our concerns, we feel that the design study was flawed and should be redone.