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The State Legislature has funded, in the 2023 Transportation Budget, the first step in making SR162 a safer transportation corridor.  WSDOT now has funding for a design study to start the ball rolling on adding a 2-way turn lane and paved shoulders to SR162 between SR410 and Orting.  This upgrade will help reduce rear-end collisions and traffic flow interuptions from left turning vehicles.  It will also save thousands of lives if a valley evacuation is necessary by providing 3 one-way lanes to outlets leading to higher ground versus the current 2 lanes.  WSDOT needs to be encouraged to start this design study ASAP because the highway from Tehaleh to SR162 is projected to be completed in less than 5 years.  We thank you for your support and participation.  A step in the right direction.  Every step counts, so lets keep walking...together.

School bus accident with bus in the ditch along SR162


Heavy traffic near Seattle

State Government

Snow covered trees and historic building along SR162

County Government

JoAnn Schueler

Planning & programming manager


Steve Roark 

Regional Administrator


Encourage WSDOT to focus on safety on this short corridor of SR162 between SR410 and Orting city limits.


This includes raising the priority on performing the funded study for a two-way turn lane and paved shoulders between SR410 and Orting.  The Tehaleh highway to SR162 is scheduled to be completed within five years.  This will increase volume on SR162 dramatically.


Also WSDOT should include making the intersection at 149th St E and SR162 (High Cedars) a controlled intersection.  Volume levels from the residential community and golf club patrons are creating hazardous access and egress conditions on this 50mph stretch of SR162.  The Foothills Trail parallels SR162 and trail users must cross this uncontrolled intersection. 


Transportation safety is a state and county priority and this project stands at the forefront of corridors to be impacted by a dramatic increase in traffic and it's resulting threat to driver and pedestrian safety. 


We cannot overlook the benefit of a third lane to the evacuation of the Orting Valley from a Mt. Rainier lahar.

Current warning systems will not save valley residents, businesses, and commuters with only two lanes to evacuate thousands in less than an hour.


Be respectful and encourage WSDOT to respond to the safety and commute challenges of the SR162 corridor between Sumner and Orting.








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Pierce County will be working with WSDOT to study the improvement recommendations to east/west movement in Southeast Pierce County from SR162 to SR7 to ease congestion on north/south corridors feeding SR512 and SR512 congestion as well.  Part of that study includes the proposed extension of 128th St E from SR162 to 122nd Ave E. on South Hill. The county has already performed a computer model for extending 128th St E to the South Hill plateau with favorable results.  This may be the desired connection of the new study. (Map)

(Military Road Page)


Concern still exists regarding the Tehaleh highway (Rhodes Lake Road project) design issues that effect the rural character of the valley.  Also what is the County doing to prepare the valley county road system for the impact on these roads to the overcrowding of SR162.


NOTE: County contacts can only influence county roads connecting to SR162 such as the new Tehaleh highway, alternate corridor to Military Road (128th St E extention to South Hill), or intersections on McCutcheon Road (not SR162 issues)


Bruce Dammeier, County Executive


Dave Morell, Dist 1


Paul Herrera, Dist 2


Amy Cruver, Dist 3


Ryan Mello, Dist 4


Marty Campbell, Dist 5


Jani Hitchen, Dist 6,


Robyn Denson, Dist 7