Public Safety should concern us all


  • Lahar warning system signals valley residents BUT transportation corridor insufficient for evacuation
  • Northbound one way evacuation on SR162 can only carry two lanes of traffic
  • Proposed roundabouts would create choke points for a timely evacuation
  • Tehaleh highway will help move traffic to higher elevation but getting there will be the problem


  • Current response times during peak commute hours are unacceptable even to emergency responders
  • Medical emergencies, injury accidents (vehicle or pedestian), law enforcement responses, and fire response times are currently delayed


  • Entering and leaving SR162 is currently dangerous, but increased volume will make it even more risky
  • There are over 140 uncontrolled roadways, driveways, and business entrances along SR162 between Sumner and Orting
  • State may require right turns only to enter SR162 greatly impacting businesses and residents 
  • Roundabouts meter traffic, not allowing for breaks in traffic downstream that signals provide to allow access and egress
  • No shoulders along most of SR162 does not allow traffic to pull over for emergency vehicles 


  • Roundabouts may help traffic flow but are actually responsible for more fender benders than signals
  • Truck traffic (tractor trailer combinations) cannot negotiate in a single lane in a roundabout, resulting in traffic tie-up and potential fender benders in the traffic circle causing major backups


  • SR162 ranks 4th among all State highways in recorded collisions
  • Adding 1000 more vehicles per hour to an already lengthy commute will increase driver frustration and impatient reactions that will create more accidents
  • Vehicles trying to reenter SR162 from residences or businesses will be at high risk of serious traffic accidents
  • Pedestrian, school children, and bicycles do not have adequate safety zones for travel


  • Children awaiting busses or departing busses are in greater danger as SR162 traffic increases
  • No adequate safe areas are provided for school children with SR162 bus load and drop off areas
  • Traffic volumes increase the risk of bus accidents


  • Farmers currently put workers at risk moving farm equipment within the SR162 corridor
  • SR162 between Sumner and Orting is a designated "farm to market" road that allows for the movement of farm equipment between farming areas
  • SR162 has no shoulders for farm equipment to travel resulting in slowed traffic and dangerous situations


  • Letter writing or direct contact with state legislators, WSDOT and County officials is your most effective action
  • We have made letter writing easier with names and contact information
  • Time is your concern and ours but taking just a few minutes here will maybe reduce the time you sit in your car in the years ahead
  • Visit our "PLEASE HELP" page to become part of the SR162 traffic solution