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Heavy traffic near Seattle
Drawing of planned Rhodes lake road expansion to 128th
Council meeting from perspective of audience
  • YOUR LETTERS AND EMAILS – have had a major impact on making Olympia painfully aware of the SR162 situation – one of the larger noisemakers in Olympia this session – thank you
  • TOWN MEETINGS - we have attended town hall meetings in Fife with three area district 25 legislators and presented our request for funding.
  • WSDOT - direct conversations have continued with DOT engineers and leaders
  • PIERCE COUNTY COUNCIL – we have addressed and continue our communication with Council Chair Richardson for his influence with the State
  • CITY COUNCILS - we have attended both Sumner and Orting city council meetings and have addressed those council members and mayors. 
  • PIERCE COUNTY EXECUTIVE MEETING - we have met with the County Executive Bruce Dammeier who was very receptive and attentive to our attempts to find resolution to the traffic problems in the Sumner to Orting transportation corridor.  He is personally familiar with the issues in this area of the County.  While the County's focus is on completing the Canyon corridor connection to the future SR167 exension, he indicated that the County is aware and will be focusing on the Sumner to Orting corridor and its connecting County roads in an effort to address the issues we have.
  • PUBLIC WORKS/SAFETY COMMITTEES – our representatives have met with county and city public works and public safety committees.
  • PUBLIC AWARENESS - our awareness program has reached out to the community through HOAs, door knocking, and business posters
  • MEDIA - The Tacoma News Tribune and Puyallup Herrald ran a video and article on our group and the issues concerning this SR162 corridor.
  • COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBERS - both of our county council members (Pam Roach and Dave Morell) have met with us to better understand and give us their support. 
  • TEHALEH - we continue to meet with Tehaleh representatives (last met with Scott Jones and Mark Enebrad) whom we have partnered with on SR162 improvement requests to the State.
  • WSDOT – We are committed to continued efforts to continue our exchanges with the WSDOT.
  • COMMUNITY MEETING - This meeting has been postponed until futher developments occur.  We are planning to host a future community meeting with information displays and attendees to include, State legislators, County leaders, and other stakeholders

  • COMMUNITY AWARENESS - We plan to continue our awareness program to include highway banners promoting our webpage, webpage updates, and continued community contacts

  • NOTICES TO YOU – We will continue to reach out via social media and through our website (see our UPDATE PAGE) to provide notices for upcoming public meetings and events where you may share your convictions to the SR162 Sumner to Orting corridor improvements at our FEEDBACK page

  • PAINFULLY SLOW PROCESS – instant gratification is what we all long for but unfortunately these processes take time

  • COMMUNITY GROUP – we will continue our efforts and keep you informed of the progress

  • YOUR CONTINUED EFFORTS – you can still send letters throughout the Legislatures out of session period – we will begin another blitz just prior and during the next January session

  • How YOU can help
  • OUR GROUP HAD MEETING, HOSTED BY SENATOR ZEIGER, ON JULY 24 WITH WSDOT, DISTRICT STATE LEGISLATORS, PIERCE COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBER, PUYALLUP CITY COUNCIL MEMBER, AND PIERCE COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS - Meeting was designed to bring all stake holders together allowing our group to present our concerns and expectations to all.  The roundabout question drew a lot of attention from all parties.  Very productive meeting, however, nothing got resolved regarding the roundabout.  State legislators will be contacting Secretary of Transportation for resolution (request to open EIS).
  • TEHALEH HIGHWAY DISIGNER MEETING - We met with Brian Johnston, the county roadway engineer regarding the design of the Tehaleh highway.  Unfortunately many of our concerns have come too late in that the EIS for the highway has been completed and designs are based on that.  We are pursuing the possibilities with Tehaleh and the County to plant more trees on the downslope of the highway to grow and hide the roadway and vehicles lights.  Also, we learned more on compression brake restrictions on this roadway.
  • MEETING WITH PIERCE COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS - On Monday, June 3, we had a very good meeting with transportation planning, and engineering for the county. The exchanges were informative and provided us an opportunity to discuss our concerns and recommendations in finding solutions for the transportation issues in East Pierce County. Subjects discussed were the SR162/128th St E intersection, design of Tehaleh highway, county corridors paralleling SR162, Military Road improvements, alternate County north/south corridor, and public transportation possibilities..
  • HERE ARE SOME MEETING OUTCOMES -        1.SR162/128th St.E. intersection - Governor's veto leaves it as a roundabout. That still needs an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It is our plan to participate in that study. We will learn more about the procedure and time line of that study as we proceed.                                          2.Design of Tehaleh highway - An outcome of this meeting is a follow up meeting with Brian Johnston (County designer) to review and discuss in detail the design as it currently stands and how it can be changed to meet the stated vision of the Alderton-McMillin Community Plan: (retain the image of a rural hillside, containing light and noise, and replanting trees and shrubs) .  3.County corridors paralleling SR162-The county is aware of the burden of traffic that will be on the Riverside Drive/McCutcheon Road corridor and are trying to find ways to accommodating it, at least improving some safety factors of that corridor. Further, we will be investigating the 122nd St/Military Road/Shaw Road corridor as an alternate north/south corridor which would remove plateau commuters from using SR162.                                              4.Military Road improvements - The county is considering whether a two-way turn lane or a climbing lane would be the better discision and if considering both are possible. An engineer's study is yet to be done for that and is in discussion at the county currently.                     5. Public Transportation possibilities-This has been discussed at several meetings. Pierce Transit has told the county there is no evidence that it is warranted or that it could be afforded. There are no funds availbale to expand their service area. We have yet to address that. With the expanding developments in Orting and to the west of Orting, it would seem that commuters to King County and even to Tacoma could benefit from a shuttle from a Park and Ride in the south valley area for service to the Sounder station or other bus terminals to meet the commuting needs of this area of the county.                                                                    
  • LETTER TO TOP WSDOT OFFICIAL Sorry if our patience is running out. We do not feel that the WSDOT has performed an adequate study of the roundabout at SR162/128th St E.  A number of issues were not considered as to the composition, origination, and destination of the vehicles using this roundabout.  Excerpts of letter can be seen HERE
  • STATE BUDGET FUNDS SR162/SR410 INTERCHANGE WITH CAVIET - $1 million is budgeted for interchange design and right of way HOWEVER only IF "at least $50,000,000 is not made available, by means of transfer, deposit, appropriation, or other similar conveyance, to the motor vehicle account for stormwater-related activities" "by June 30, 2019, the amount provided in this subsection lapses", Sounds like we are being used as leverage for something other than SR162 improvements. 
  • How YOU can help


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