What is Next

Heavy traffic near Seattle
Drawing of planned Rhodes lake road expansion to 128th


  • TEHALEH HIGHWAY WILL BE CONSTRUCTED FROM TEHALEH DEVELOPMENT TO SR162 - that decision was made and approved in 2006.  Construction is expected to begin in 2021 and be completed in 2026
  • GOAL OF THIS GROUP IS TO MINIMIZE THE TRAFFIC and SAFETY IMPACTS OF THIS NEW HIGHWAY ON THE VALLEY HIGHWAY SYSTEM - with continued dialog with WSDOT and Pierce County Transportation Departments with the support of the community and businesses, county and state agencies, state and county government representatives and highway funding mechanisms to address our concerns


  • PIERCE COUNTY'S ROLE IN DISPERSING TEHALEH TRAFFIC - we will continue to support and demand that the County address their responsibility for adding a projected 30,000 more vehicles into the Orting valley EACH DAY by extending 128th St. E up to Puyallup South Hill and improving other north south corridors both in the valley and on the plateaus to reduce the traffic on SR162
  • MILITARY ROAD IMPROVEMENTS - Military Road is currently over capacity during commuting hours without the addition of the Tehaleh traffic.  We are proposing two solutions (one of which the County has already funded a study for).  Widening Military Road is being studied and we are proposing some additional recommendations to include signals at the top on 122 Ave E to provide breaks in traffic to allow access and egress to driveways and roads.  along Military Road. It would also reduce uncontroled access points by restricting developments to the north of the Military Road/122nd Ave E corridor to the signaled intersection.


  • ALTERNATE EAST/WEST CORRIDOR TO EASE PRESSURE ON MILITARY ROAD - extending 128th St E from the SR162 intersection west up the hillside to connect with either 144th Ave E or Reservoir Road on South Hill. This would provide an east/west corridor from Tehaleh to South Hill without having cars enter SR162 and proceed to Military Road to reach South Hill.  It would also reduce some of the Military Road traffic traveling from Orting to South Hill.


  • WSDOT MUST MAKE INVESTMENT INTO THE ORTING VALLEY CORRIDOR – we will continue our efforts to make sure that this transportation corridor improvements are made prior to the completion of the Tehaleh highway in 2025. Adding a third two-way turn lane and shoulders is the reasonable and doable investment that will ease some of the backup and provide safer conditions on this corridor.  There is only around 3 miles of this 8.1 mile corridor that do not currently have the center lane now.  Shoulder widening would be required for most of the corridor, but using the existing right-of-way. This is the smallest transportation budget demand to address this critical valley corridor.  However, we need to pressure our legislators for funding NOW and continuously throught the next budget session.  See our action page HERE


  • WSDOT IMPROVEMENTS TO SR162 MUST INCLUDE SAFETY AND HIGHWAY ACCESS CONCERNS - future plans for this corridor must meet context scensitive design criteria established by WA state guidelines, which protects the environment, valley rural character, and residents safety.  We are committed to continuing our dialog with WSDOT.


  • COMMUNITY AWARENESS/INVOLVEMENT - We plan to continue keeping you and all other stakeholders informed and involved in this complex process through our Facebook blog, our website, SWAG,, and physical postings.  Your involvement is critical and we are working to increase ways to inform you better


  • PAINFULLY SLOW PROCESS – don't get discouraged, instant gratification is what we all long for but unfortunately these processes take time.  Be patient and periodically follow us on our website for updates


  • THANKS TO OUR COMMUNITY GROUP LEADERSHIP TEAM – we would not be forcing solutions to the Orting Valley traffic issues if it were not for the leadership of a small group of concerned valley residents comprised of a local blogger, an experienced leader, a valley farmer, a public relations specialist, a first time webpage designer and some experienced worker bees


  • THANKS TO OUR BLOG MEMBERS – you are probably among the most informed or at least the most quickly informed of our community group members.  Thanks for your continued interest and involvement, you are the reason we are able to do what we do.  KEEP IT UP!

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